I’ve never known about social justice really until the past few years. It’s just not a subject that was brought up in our household. So given activism was a stranger to me. When I first heard the word I didn’t even know what it meant until I looked it up in the dictionary. All I know is that during the last year or two I’ve been paying a lot of attention. And as they say, the proof is in the pudding.
I’m still not an activist, well don’t fashion myself as one anyway, at this point in life to me right is right and wrong is wrong. I can admit mine so it shouldn’t be so difficult for you to admit yours. Being that you’re an upstanding law abiding citizen and all. See I’m not blind to bias or racism and if I feel some type of way I bring it to the forefront cause that’s just me, no matter what supposed side it’s from. Leave it in the dark and it will fester, bring it to the light then something can be done about it. What do you think?
The Blackout series was made to keep it in the light. Like I said, if I feel some type of way I’ll bring it to the forefront. I’m donating this seven piece series to The Justice Arts Coalition, I believe they will do good work with it. They’ve done so with my work so far.
Have a beautiful day and we’ll talk more next week. I am the artist R.Zumar and this is The Becomings of a Master.